A next generation of multi-biometric self-service kiosks to optimize border clearance processes within Schengen Area airports

As the European Entry/Exit System (EU EES) regulatory changes introduce biometric identification of third-country nationals, IDEMIA designed the TravelKiosk EU-EES to help optimize passenger throughput and airport infrastructure.

By 2022, the new European Entry/Exit System (EU-EES) regulation will require the biometric capture and identification (face and fingerprint) of Third Country Nationals (TCNs) at outer borders of Schengen area. This will affect the border clearance processes for all member states. Stakeholders fear longer waiting times due to limited airport space and the inability to multiply workforces to process more TCNs.

The increased use of self-service technology at borders will be key in addressing these challenges and will help process TCNs efficiently. Self-service kiosks are an obvious win-win solution for all stakeholders (airports, border authorities and passengers), as they optimize airport space and border checkpoint resources, reduce waiting times and improve the passenger experience. Travelers can perform certain procedures by themselves, allowing border guards to focus on added-value activities and decision-making.

To achieve this, at IDEMIA we believe that efficient biometric capture and ergonomic designs are vital. This is what we provide with the TravelKiosk™ EU-EES. These new generation multi-biometric self-service kiosks for border control offer user-centric solutions to process travelers efficiently. They create a better user experience by interactively adapting the process per traveler category, while strictly complying with the EU-EES requirements and ensuring the maximum security.

Highly interoperable, these kiosks enable a passport-less approach at manual counters and eGates and can be connected to other border control systems (EES, watchlists). In addition, their small footprint make them easy to integrate into existing environments.

Furthermore, IDEMIA’s kiosk also addresses the current sanitary challenges, with the possibility to achieve a 100% contactless biometric capture and verification (including fingerprint).

With more than 30 border control solutions deployed worldwide, IDEMIA has an in-depth knowledge of national and international requirements to help governments design their border control solution. Within the framework of the European Smart Borders program, IDEMIA has been supporting the eu-LISA agency since its creation.

IDEMIA’s goal is simple – delivering the right solutions to governments, based on biometrics, to secure the Schengen Area, on time, with the required level of quality, and respecting the EU-EES regulatory framework.

Playlist – IDEMIA’s TravelKiosk™
Playlist – IDEMIA’s TravelKiosk™

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