Physical Access Control

Delivering secure access to physical places

Physical Access Control IDEMIA

Managing the access control of a building is essential in guaranteeing the security of people, sensitive assets, and data. Physical access control is the management of entry to a physical space within the business or organization including rooms, buildings and physical IT assets. In addition, physical access control solutions can keep track of who is coming and going in restricted areas, keeping assets safe and secure.

IDEMIA offers many physical access control solutions enabling authorized employees access to the company premises with a simple badge, a more sophisticated smart card, or with a mobile phone or other secure device.

Smart cards are highly secure and scalable credentials enabling simple authentication without passwords. They support a variety of use cases and provide flexibility at a time where enterprises are adopting a hybrid work environment for geographically dispersed teams.

Our range of solutions support contactless industry standards with a focus on 13.56 MHz RF technologies. IDEMIA biometric sensors and match-on-card options supporting smart card technologies can also be associated for enhanced security.

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