IDEMIA Secure Transactions Reveals Exclusive Insights from its Global Survey on Consumer Payment Card Behavior

The IDEMIA Secure Transactions (IST) global study, conducted by the renowned research agency Dentsu Insights, uncovers that design, convenience, and sustainability are the primary catalysts driving consumer payment trends. Security remains a concern, and consumers look for safe ways to pay.

As innovations, whether digital or physical, revolutionize every area of our daily lives, the payment sector is no exception. In this exclusive survey, carried out between December 2023 and January 2024, users around the world were interviewed on how they pay and what their expectations are when it comes to payment methods.

User expectations centered around three priorities: design, convenience, sustainability

Drawing from the feedback of more than three thousand respondents from 12 countries across 6 continents, 3 distinct consumer needs stand out regarding users’ payment preferences:

  • Design matters: with the increasing number of options, from metal to OLED cards among others, card design has become a key differentiator. Expectations and appetite for innovative card designs are ever-growing:

72% care about the design of their payment cards
83% are interested in having a metal card
84% are interested in having a numberless physical card as an added security feature

  • Increased flexibility thanks to the combination of physical and digital cards made possible by mobile phones:

71% of respondents already utilize a digital payment card
68% of those without one express a desire to obtain a digital card in the next three years
86% value the option to activate their physical card by tapping it to their phone

  • The shift towards more sustainability in payment:

69% of consumers would choose an eco-friendly card over a conventional one
71% of respondents are willing to participate in recycling programs for expired cards

Understand usage to develop payment solutions that best meet consumers’ needs

Attuned to the preferences of its consumers, IST remains steadfast in its commitment to offer innovative services tailored to individual needs, while embracing the rapid advancements of the digital realm. Through regular surveys, IST aims to gain an in-depth understanding of consumers’ payment preferences and habits, positioning itself as the payment market’s technological expert armed with unparalleled knowledge of consumer behavior.

IDEMIA Secure Transactions confirms its leadership by proactively addressing the three priorities identified in the survey with tailored solutions.

As a trendsetter, we strive to be at the forefront of the evolutions in our industry and this survey testifies this ambition. Consumers have high expectations for their payment solutions and the way they use and manage their payment means. It is IST’s role to meet and exceed them, by offering ever more innovative solutions.
Julia SCHOONENBERG, Executive Vice President Payment Services at IDEMIA Secure Transactions

IST has continually innovated to offer a myriad of card design options. Over the past decade, banks and FinTechs have disrupted the payments ecosystem, making available multiple banking options for consumers. Simultaneously, as banks increasingly digitize their services, the physical card and its design becomes a crucial tool for all card issuers to maintain strong customer connections. From card materials such as metal to special inks, and innovative features such as illuminating cards, IST continues to co-innovate new features and co-design captivating artwork.

In today’s era, where instant gratification is the norm, the mobile phone plays a central role in our daily lives. IST provides digital solutions to accompany banks and FinTechs in this essential transition. IST embraces the “best of both worlds” by offering both physical and digital payment solutions, with the highest level of security in terms of cryptography and tokenisation, for a comprehensive strategy that appeals to diverse audiences.

With regards to sustainability, IST supports card issuers in their ecological transition, by entirely reimagining the traditional payment products and attached services. IST encourages the use of innovative and ecofriendly materials and services through its GREENPAY offer, such as recycled PVC or the recently announced regenerative solution for bank customers GREENPAY Wallet. IST demonstrates its commitment to continuously improve the sustainability of each part of the payment card value chain.

  • About IDEMIA Group - IDEMIA Group unlocks simpler and safer ways to pay, connect, access, identify, travel and protect public places. With its long-standing expertise in biometrics and cryptography, IDEMIA develops technologies of excellence with an impactful, ethical, and socially responsible approach. Every day, IDEMIA secures billions of interactions in the physical and digital worlds.

    IDEMIA Group brings together three market-leading businesses that enable mission-critical solutions:
    IDEMIA Secure Transactions is the leading technology provider who unlocks safer and easier ways to pay and connect.
    IDEMIA Public Security is a leading global provider of biometric solutions that unlock convenient and secure travel, access, and protection.
    IDEMIA Smart Identity leverages the power of cryptographic and biometric technologies to unlock a single trusted identity for all.

    With a global team of nearly 15,000 employees, IDEMIA Group is trusted by over 600 governmental organizations and more than 2,400 enterprises in over 180 countries. For more information, visit and follow @IDEMIAGroup on X.

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