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Sometimes the best security solutions are staring at you right in the face. IDEMIA’s devised solution, Selfie Check, uses your phone’s camera and facial recognition software to verify that it is indeed the owner who is holding the phone. At which point access is granted.

Not only this, the creative minds at IDEMIA have upgraded their Selfie Check so that, when asking for authentication, the phone will ask you to move your head to the left, right or downwards; or maybe a combination of the three. By requesting random head movements, the selfie-check ensures that the user is a real and a live person.

With this solution, users can now remotely and securely confirm their identity either against a central biometric database or against an identity document, e.g. a passport. From now on, from the comfort of your home, you can create a secure digital identity to access further online services. Forget the queues, forget the stress!

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  • Extra secure

    Our upgraded technology recognizes the liveness of the image, so not even the best facial reproduction can fool the camera.

  • Adaptable and flexible

    The technology leverages the built-in camera of a smartphone, tablet or computer and is compatible with major operating systems.

  • User friendly

    The easy-to- use interface allows even the greatest technophobe to have biometrically secure access to their phone anytime.

IDway-Digital ID solutions for governments
IDway-Digital ID solutions for governments

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