UrbanGO multi-service cards

Gathering all your payment and access cards: one multi-service card fits all

UrbanGO multi-service cards IDEMIA

What a blissful thought – using just one card to make payments, use public transport, get into places like offices, swimming pools, libraries, campuses, stadiums, museums and more, and even unlock pooled bikes and cars. Imagine a card that can also draw welfare benefits such as pensions, allowances or food stamps for the underprivileged. That card – the UrbanGO card – has arrived and can be adapted to your very own needs. It’s the one card which makes daily life easier.

Our top-of-wallet multi-service UrbanGO card opens up countless possibilities:

  • Payment
  • Commuter access to public transport
  • Social cards for financial inclusion of the underprivileged
  • Student cards
  • City/Region cards for residents

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  • Enhanced brand visibility

    UrbanGO cards enable you to offer a whole panoply of services which strengthen your brand and shore up user loyalty.

  • User-centric services

    UrbanGO cards can be tailored to user needs for existing facilities (city, campus, financial inclusion, transport etc.).

  • Smooth-running daily life

    The single EMV or closed-loop UrbanGO card simplifies people’s daily lives, letting them pay, commute and use public services at any time, wherever they are.

Unlock the future of urban mobility
Unlock the future of urban mobility
  • Payment application support
  • Certified by all international and domestic schemes
  • Main access management applications (MIFARE®, Calypso™, CIPURSE™)
  • User data storage
  • Card bodies: PVC, PET, recycled PVC
  • Rupay

    IDEMIA was the first NPCI certified firm to issue the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC)

  • AMC issuer list

    AMC is a multi-services citizen application using a stand-alone support (card or mobile) to access local services, universities, etc.

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  • CIPURSE™ certification

    All our products have been thoroughly tested by an independent laboratory. Our certificates are available on the OSPT Alliance website:

    Read more


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