Wearable payment means

Enabling safe and fast contactless payment with compact and multiple format devices

Wearable payment devices IDEMIA

Wearable payment devices answer the demand of customers all over the world who are in constant search for more convenience. One of the most well-known example is event wristbands which are typically used to avoid cash handling and ensure fast and hygienic contactless payments.

Devices originally designed for a single purpose tend to combine features over time to become more essential in our daily lives. This takes many forms: watches, wristbands, key rings and other various accessories can simplify access to our favorite places, enable us to pay, gain loyalty rewards, or use public transportation without needing to carry a wallet.

Positive customer perception combined with increased contactless POS penetration (94% expected by 2024) will most likely boost transactions via wearable payment devices for years to come—44% of shoppers already say they are willing to use them.

IDEMIA Flybuy range answers this demand with a SIM-size mini FOB that can be inserted to versatile wearable option such as:

  • wristbands
  • keepers (to be added to any strap or a band such as a watch)
  • key rings

With the IDEMIA Flybuy Mini FOB, ordinary daily objects become wearable payment devices and expand contactless payments options. They can be payment-only or multi-usage devices—for example a prepaid payment feature combined with access to events, offices, public buildings, and public transportation.

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  • Freedom and convenience

    Wearable payment frees up the minds of consumers by giving them more ways to pay with objects they already carry with them in their everyday life.

  • Consumer loyalty

    Contactless payment wristbands and other forms of wearable devices shore up customer loyalty by providing fashionable, fast, and convenient payment methods.

  • Revenue boosting

    With the IDEMIA Flybuy range, banks and FinTechs can tap into new revenue streams by replacing cash and boosting contactless payments.

Wearables : Free your daily life!
Wearables : Free your daily life!
  • SIM size delivered on ID1 card support
  • Integrated antenna
  • Waterproof
  • Multi-application ready
  • VISA & Mastercard certified

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