Biometric Enrollment

Revolutionizing the way we use bank cards

IDEMIA Biometric Enrollment

Biometric innovations have been cropping up all around us and simplifying our lives. Instead of tapping in (and remembering!) a PIN code, we now unlock our mobile phones with a quick and simple scan of our fingerprint, face or iris. The arrival of biometric cards is finally hitting the banking industry. This major innovation is profoundly changing the card user experience. As they do with their smartphone, users can now replace card PIN codes with their fingerprint.

In order to maintain the same stringent level of security with these innovative cards, securing the biometric data enrollment process is vital. IDEMIA’s Biometric Enrollment Services offer two ironclad ways to capture and register user data: in-branch or from the comfort of home. Using a specialized tablet, developed by IDEMIA, banks can capture customers’ biometric data and store information directly in the payment card itself. Cardholders may also use their smartphones to capture their biometric data and follow step-by-step instructions to securely store this data in their card from home.

Available anywhere

Our enrollment offer – whether in-branch or at-home – ensures the secure capture and transfer of customers’ biometric data in the biometric payment card.

Frictionless experience

Step-by-step instructions and a user-friendly interface makes enrolling biometric data a breeze both in-branch using IDEMIA’s tablet and anywhere using our smartphone app.

Unrivaled expertise

Biometric data and identity security is in IDEMIA’s DNA. We have tapped into decades of know-how to create the most secure and streamlined enrollment process.

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