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Securing fingerprint enrollment for biometric payment cards

Biometric enrolment F.CODE IDEMIA

The biometric payment card is here; and this major innovation is profoundly changing the card user experience. Cardholders can now replace their payment card PIN code with a single press of their finger to validate the payment transaction.

To maintain the same stringent level of security with these innovative cards, securing the biometric data enrollment process is vital. IDEMIA’s Biometric Enrollment Services offer two ways to safely capture and register user data via the card fingerprint sensor: in-branch or at home.

Using a specific tablet developed by IDEMIA, banks can offer branch enrollment that provides a user-friendly interface and guidance during the process. Cardholders may also choose to enroll on their own from home using a small device designed by IDEMIA called “sleeve”. The cardholder follows the easy step-by-step biometric enrollment instructions included in the packaging.

Users can rest assured that their biometric data will always remain private and secure—the biometric data is stored in the chip itself and never leaves the card.

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  • Enrollment anywhere

    Step-by-step instructions and a user-friendly interface makes enrolling biometric data simple; whether in-branch using IDEMIA’s tablet or from home with the provided IDEMIA sleeve and the card fingerprint sensor.

  • Secure enrollment process

    The biometric enrollment – whether done in-branch or at-home – ensures the secure capture and storage of a customer’s biometric data and locks it in the payment card.

  • Unrivaled expertise

    Biometric data and identity security is in IDEMIA’s DNA. We have tapped into decades of know-how to create the most secure and streamlined biometric enrollment process for F.CODE biometric payment cards.

Playlist – F.CODE
Playlist – F.CODE
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