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Accelerating border control checks using an ePassport

Biometric passport IDEMIA

Secure biometric passports are not just electronic documents with a chip containing the holder’s personal data—a portrait and fingerprints (optional). The physical booklet and design of the data page of travel documents are also key in managing resistance to counterfeiting and forgery. A secure ePassport design enables bona fide travelers to enjoy a stress-free trip. They also help border guards fight against the rise of identity fraud while ensuring seamless and secure passenger flow.

IDEMIA’s end-to-end biometric passport solution includes innovative security features and the fastest operating system on the market. These advanced travel documents facilitate the decision-making process for border guards by helping them answer three critical questions:

  • Is the travel document authentic?
  • Has the document been altered?
  • Is the person presenting the document the authorized holder?

Advanced ePassports designed with IDEMIA solutions are hard to reproduce yet easy to inspect. They help governments across the world achieve their goal in ensuring it is as easy as possible for their citizens to travel abroad. Thanks to these biometric passports—along with maintaining a reliable identity infrastructure and border control process—governments are able to obtain visa exemptions with specific countries; allowing their citizens to visit a foreign country without requesting a formal visa. By maintaining a high level of security, ePassports designed by IDEMIA provide a root of trust between countries and people, and protect against identity fraud.

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  • Faster throughput

    With a response time of three seconds, IDEMIA’s biometric passport solutions use the fastest cryptographic algorithm to secure travelers’ biometrics and personal data, and help reduce queues at airport security.

  • Cutting-edge security

    The advanced security features developed by IDEMIA for travel documents, including LASINK color portraits in polycarbonate and Stereo Laser Image (SLI) as a secondary portrait, prevent all forms of identity fraud.

  • Easy to authenticate documents

    Optical Machine Authentication security features allow IDEMIA ePassports to be verified automatically by the public and private sector in a few seconds using a smartphone.

A modern passport for a modern life

Follow Susan’s life and discover the evolution of passports

Susan's life allows you to follow the technological evolution of the passport from a simple paper travel document to a security document containing the traveler's biometrics for a more secure and seamless passenger experience. Join her as she discovers advancements in passport technology and learn some surprising secrets along the way!

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IDEMIA’s flagship passport
IDEMIA’s flagship passport
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