Electronic ID (eID)

Bringing the trust of the state-issued ID to the online world

IDEMIA Electronic ID (eID)

Times are changing, transactions are moving online, and yesterday’s online identity practices aren’t good enough anymore. As we cross over to the digital domain, our methods of asserting our identity need to transform to support the journey.

The IDEMIA electronic ID (eID) addresses this need by bringing the trust of the state-issued driver’s license or ID into the online world. This free and trustworthy digital ID offers individuals a frictionless online experience, empowering them to apply for benefits, open accounts, protect sensitive transactions, secure tax refunds, transfer a vehicle title, and more, leveraging the power of their state-issued identity and their smartphone.

In three simple steps, users can register for, and activate, their IDEMIA eID. Once registration is complete, the eID gives users full control to approve identity related requests for their transactions, directly from their smartphone. They can safely and securely share the specific identity details required for each transaction.
There is no other eID application in the U.S. market today that offers the same level of trust and privacy for online transactions.

Protection of individuals

Highly secure, the eID puts individuals in total control of their personal identity information at all times and minimizes the number of times that information is copied across the Internet.

Operational efficiency

By moving services online, the eID reduces lines in agency offices and the burden of in-person operations. Service experience and access to programs are improved, while time and money are saved by both agencies and individuals.


With the electronic ID app there is no need to remember usernames, passwords or other knowledge-based information.

in the nation to implement an eID to reduce state tax fraud
in the nation to leverage the trust of the DMV golden record for online transactions
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