Turning your fingerprint into your PIN

Technology is changing the way humans can identify themselves. The use of biometrics improves security and usability of our identity – with the press of a finger, or the scan of a retina – and ensures that it remains your own.

Security is particularly important when it comes to making purchases. To keep up with market demands, IDEMIA introduced the first complete range of F.CODE biometric payment cards. Customers authorize payments via the fingerprint sensor embedded into the fully EMV compliant card. Identity is verified when an IDEMIA algorithm matches the owner’s fingerprint to the template stored in the card – rendering your 4-digit PIN a thing of the past.

Secure identity

Payment security is reinforced and governments are able to distribute social benefits knowing that they will reach the intended beneficiary and prevent identity fraud.


In a highly competitive market, the ease and simplicity of the F.CODE will help banks keep their cards “top of wallet” for their customers


With the higher level of security afforded by biometric verification, merchants can extend the threshold of contactless payments, which are currently capped at smaller amounts.

As market leader, IDEMIA is the first to deploy a full range of cards equipped with biometric authentication enabling both contact and contactless payments. IDEMIA offers an end-to-end solution, including enrollment, biometric data management, card production and personalization.

Eric Duforest, Managing Director of the Financial Institutions business at IDEMIA
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