FinTech Accelerator Card Program

Supporting FinTechs and Neobanks with a dedicated program from onboarding to card issuance

FinTech Accelerator Card Program IDEMIA

In the context of a rapid transformation of the banking industry, FinTechs and Neobanks look for a rapid process from cardholder onboarding to payment card issuance, enabling a quick time to market and innovative solutions that are valuable to their customers.

IDEMIA has created a fast-track program which enables new entrants to the payment industry to utilize IDEMIA’s existing global footprint and advanced product and solution portfolio. It allows FinTechs and Neobanks to go to market as quickly as possible with the guarantee to enhance customer experience with a seamless physical and digital payment journey.

IDEMIA is the partner of choice for FinTech, offering a true global approach thanks to its connection to the largest FinTech processors around the world, combined with a comprehensive portfolio of cards, services and digital solutions to meets consumer needs and expectations, wherever they are.

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  • Fast and seamless process

    The FinTech Accelerator Card Program is the fastest program from cardholder onboarding to card issuance. It comes with an off-the-shelf start-up kit, IDEMIA’s global FinTech expertise and the support of dedicated local teams.

  • Global responsiveness

    IDEMIA’s worldwide personalization footprint optimizes responsiveness and proximity to the cardholder for fast delivery times. Once connected to the IDEMIA Hub, you can personalize and issue cards from any IDEMIA service center in the world.

  • Innovative solutions

    IDEMIA enables you to offers an impressive unboxing and payment experience with metal cards, bespoke card bodies and digital services such as mobile identity proofing and instant card activation.

payment card personalization center virtual tour

Virtual payment card personalization center

With a global footprint, our service centers offer local payment card personalization services to banks, financial institutions and FinTechs around the world. If you are curious to know more about what happens behind the scene before a payment card is delivered to its owner, have a look at the different steps of a payment card personalization process in our virtual center.

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  • #1

    FinTech card issuance partner, connected to the majority of processors and Banking as a Service (BaaS) providers

  • 100+

    FinTechs trust IDEMIA worldwide

  • 30+

    personalization centers worldwide with a global Hub to support fast expansion everywhere

FinTechs, Neobanks, ready for a rapid and global expansion?
FinTechs, Neobanks, ready for a rapid and global expansion?

We are grateful Treezor and IDEMIA give us this amazing opportunity to be the first Fintech in France to offer an eco-responsible card. With this new card, we are laying the first brick in supporting our customers towards a low-carbon lifestyle.

Kamel Nait Outaleb, Co-founder and CEO of Onlyone
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IDEMIA’s dedicated payment solutions for FinTechs

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