ID Proofing

Acquiring and verifying the user's identity in-branch or online to access bank services

IDEMIA ID Proofing

Financial institutions need a high level of trust before they can do business online. Their challenge as they go digital is knowing who are the people they transact with, to comply with regulations (Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering…) and fight against fraud. That makes trusted online identity verification a must-have.
IDEMIA’s ID Proofing solution allows customers to completely digitalize the user registration process whatever the channel, ensuring digital identities that can be trusted. This way, financial institutions can build a robust ID repository while balancing the demand for security, convenience and compliance.
IDEMIA’s solution enables ID proofing, anytime, anywhere, and on any device, combining:
- Capture of biometrics and personal user data through multiple channels (via the user’s mobile, remotely assisted by agent, in-branch)
- Built-in global ID verification capabilities (ID document, biometrics, KBV*, counter-fraud checks…)
- Identity verification process adaptable to specific local regulations
- Fast and friendly user experience
- Privacy by design

*Knowledge-based verification

New customer acquisition

Increase subscription rate, reach and engage with new customers (millennials, tech-savvy, etc.)

Customer onboarding acceleration

Streamline customer experience with biometrics and enable users to access banking services immediately: open an account, get digitized payment cards within minutes.

Trust and compliance

Fulfill risk management obligations and comply with regulations: KYC, AML, PSD2 and eIDAS.

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