IoT OTA Platform

Managing the entire SIM lifecycle of IoT devices remotely


IDEMIA IoT Over-the-Air Platform (IoT OTA Platform) enables mobile operators (MNOs and MVNOs) to provide their IoT partners with a reliable, fast and secure service. It is designed to meet specific IoT connectivity requirements and update files and applets on any type of secure element remotely (SIM, eSIM, iSIM…) after issuance.

This advanced remote SIM management solution not only streamlines IoT SIM management for greater operational efficiency, it also adapts OTA services to new IoT devices and networks (5G and Low Power Wide Area Networks – including Narrow Band IoT and LTE-M) and helps new applications to comply with the specific needs of the IoT ecosystem.

The IDEMIA IoT OTA Platform enables MNOs to:

  • Address new use cases that rely on low-power networks and constrained IoT devices with the support of new updating methods for SMS-less devices and networks. These methods rely on data connectivity to send updates over various data channels such as HTTP.
  • Perform mission-critical SIM updates: by combining with an automatic device detection applet, the IoT OTA platform can detect when devices that have been offline for a long time – such as a connected container somewhere on the high seas – reenter the network coverage area, and send updates as soon the SIM is reachable.
  • Enhance end-to-end security by managing an IoT SAFE1 application. This enables IoT device manufacturers and service providers to leverage the SIM as a robust and standardized hardware root of trust in order to secure and protect IoT data communications (both device-to-device and device-to-cloud).
  • Monitor service quality: the IoT OTA Platform allows mobile operators or OEMs2 to monitor network access technology, coverage quality, data accessibility, and other data in order to perform corrective actions on existing services, or to create new services.
  • Enable 5G network slicing and private networks: mobile operators can use the IoT OTA platform to update SIM parameters to route the traffic of specific IoT devices through a given 5G network slice.
  • Provide best and always-on connectivity for emergency and public safety services by reconfiguring Radio Access Policies to connect to the best network, in line with the GSMA TS-034 IoT Device Connection Efficiency Guidelines specifications.
  • Release stress from the networks through better management of device end-of-life policies so that unsubscribed devices no longer attempt to connect to the network.

1 IoT SIM Applet For Secure End-to-End Communication
2 Original Equipment Manufacturers

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  • Operational efficiency

    The IoT OTA Platform simplifies SIM management with remote post-personalization, minimizes card replacement costs and reduces the need for technician intervention in the field.

  • Enhanced connectivity

    The IoT OTA Platform enables service providers to monitor service quality for their customers’ devices, and to adapt and reconfigure SIM parameters if necessary.

  • New IoT services

    The IoT OTA Platform supports new applications in the IoT ecosystem (IoT SAFE, 5G network slicing and private networks, emergency services management, etc.).

  • Over 100

    active OTA platforms deployed around the world

  • 3

    dedicated R&D and support office sites covering all time zones for 24/7 support

OTA Product and Solutions
OTA Product and Solutions

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