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Major event security support IDEMIA

Security is one of the biggest concerns at major national and international events – independent of whether they are organized by public or private entities. Security issues faced by organizers have become multi-faceted. Whether it is the threat of terrorism, crowd trouble in stadiums or extremism at major international summits, recent years have clearly shown the importance of cooperation between public and private bodies, as well as their security providers, for a truly comprehensive risk and security management approach.

IDEMIA’s cutting-edge technology has supported organizers of a variety of major events, such as international summits, annual general meetings and sporting festivals. We provide event organizers with the most innovative biometric security technology and we ensure interconnectivity of new and existing systems for a smooth running of the event without incidents. Comprehensive video analytics technology, combined with an innovative multi-biometric approach, enables the highest security environment with a minimum impact on convenience for visitors.

Highest security

IDEMIA develops a detailed, customized plan of what technical security infrastructure is needed for the planned event and ensures with its Situational Awareness solution the most efficient, mobile incident prevention and response technology.

Time saving

Instead of watching hours of footage, IDEMIA’s system isolates potential clues faster and more efficiently in order to progress swiftly with investigations.


IDEMIA can either answer specific needs or provide a full solution, including the overall security infrastructure, network communication systems integration, the setup of video analytics and of a situational awareness solution.

portraits from different watchlists uploaded before the G20 in Argentina

IDEMIA supported Argentina’s Federal Police to secure the 2018 G20 summit in Buenos Aires

IDEMIA supported the Federal Police of Argentina (PFA) by providing its market-leading video analytics platform to protect the center of Buenos Aires with real-time matching of individuals based on facial recognition. The nation stood out as a reliable, trustworthy country that has the potential and the technology to host highly anticipated political events.

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