Mobile Driver’s License

Securing and digitizing your driver’s license

Mobile Driver’s License

At IDEMIA, securing your identity is at the heart of what we do.

We provide integrated, end-to-end solutions to more than 80% of Motor Vehicle Agencies in the U.S. Our capabilities for the driver’s license market help authorities reduce the risk of identity fraud with secure infrastructure and streamlined operations.

Drawing upon our extensive experience and background in biometrics, we have transformed the traditional driver’s license into a digitally secure version – the next generation of driver credentials and identity documents.

Just as your physical driver’s license is more than a photo on a card, IDEMIA’s mobile driver’s license combines breakthrough smartphone technology and biometrics that are linked and layered dynamically when the ID is presented. This assures you have a trusted credential that can be quickly authenticated, by machine or in-person, by retailers, bankers or law enforcement officers.


Our integrated mobile driver’s license provides the convenience and option of both phone technology and biometric technology, together, in a genuine and broadly accepted driver’s license accessible on your smartphone.


Our biometric enabled mobile driver’s license is dynamically authenticated with your record on file with your state’s Motor Vehicle Agency ensuring only you can assert your identity.


With the mobile driver’s license, updating your ID with a name change or new address can be done in real-time and initiated directly from the app on your phone. You also have the flexibility to manage the information you share when showing your ID at any time, providing you with the highest level of privacy management.

We were very encouraged by the interest generated by our first public announcement of Iowa’s Mobile Identity Application. I firmly believe this is an important first step in creating a one person, one identity, one credential opportunity for our customers.

Paul Trombino, Director of the Iowa Department of Transportation
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