Mobile ID

Proving your identity with a smartphone


A Mobile ID, also known as a digital identity wallet, is a form of digital identity that creates a contactless, highly secure, government-approved personal credential that resides on a user’s smartphone (either in-app or within an OEM wallet). It includes digital records of a user’s personal information and can be used as a valid form of identity both in-person and online.

To create a Mobile ID, users are required to capture their physical ID or scan a QR code, and perform a live selfie to compare with the government-held records. All of the user’s personal data is encrypted and signed by the back-end system before being transferred to the smartphone where they are securely stored. Then, the authentication or attributes transfer is possible after a selfie check with liveness detection and/or with a passcode.

The authenticity of IDEMIA Mobile ID solution is ensured through verification with a government System of Record (SoR), such as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the United States or a central registry making the solution very secure.

Mobile IDs can be used as a valid form of identity anywhere it is accepted, in any context a physical government-issued ID would be used to verify age or identity. In the United States, IDEMIA Mobile ID is accepted as a valid form of identity at multiple TSA airport security checkpoints, as well as for roadside stop, and for age verification for age-restricted purchases in some States*. Across the world, IDEMIA helps governments to deploy various type of digital identity wallet, including for example, the EU Digital Identity Wallet project launched by the European Commission, as well as the Mobile ID in Colombia, part of a national digital transformation plan.

IDEMIA provides Mobile ID through a Mobile ID Verify app as well as a Mobile ID SDK (both available on Android and iOS) that can be integrated in the mobile app. A back-end system and Mobile ID services with all interfaces, provided by IDEMIA, can connect to external systems to perform onboarding, issuance and lifecycle management as well as an interface between relying parties for online authentication.

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  • Secure

    Mobile ID is a trusted, government-issued digital identity. Once securely created and confirmed, the credential is signed. Users can only unlock the app to access their ID by using their biometrics or self-selected six-digit PIN, eliminating the possibility of accepting a counterfeit license. The user identity credential is also protected by face and/or PIN.

  • Private

    Mobile ID keeps user data secure and ensures privacy of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) by only storing information coming from the system of record on the user’s device. Personal data is only shared with the ID holder’s express permission in response to a consent request.

  • Convenient

    Mobile ID offers an easy and contactless method for verifying identity. It can be used in any context in which a physical ID card would be used. It also allows citizen or users to authenticate to access private or public services.


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