Multi-state Commercial Driver’s License Screening

Ensuring one driver, one license, one record across state lines for commercial drivers

Multi-state Commercial Driver’s License Screening

Commercial drivers require specialized driving skills to operate larger vehicles and/or transport goods and people. As such, they hold a unique role relative to road safety that Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV) must manage across state lines. Federal programs are in place to assure commercial drivers can only have one license, one record, in one state.

When faced with loss of license, some drivers can be highly motivated to acquire a new license under a false identity. Today, most DMVs do not have the capability to effectively verify unique identities or search facial images between different states’ DMV agencies.

Multi-state Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Screening makes it possible for agencies to securely identify potential duplicate identities across jurisdictions. By leveraging existing DMV infrastructure in multiple states, this powerful and scalable solution simplifies multi-jurisdiction screening operations and consolidates cases.

Collaborative operations

States working together can employ the Multi-state CDL Screening solution, all without disrupting their current business practices.

Identity integrity

This solution supports DMV agencies efforts to provide accurate identity credentials while preventing fraud and identity theft.

Safer roads

IDEMIA’s screening solution helps DMVs keep dangerous drivers with suspended or revoked CDLs from obtaining new ones in an altered or different name.

States participate in IDEMIA's Multi-state CDL Screening program
IDEMIA is the only vendor to currently offer Multi-state CDL Screening
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