OTA Platform – SIM Management

Updating any type of connected secure element over-the-air during their lifecycle

OTA Platform – SIM Management IDEMIA

With the growth of connected devices and the multiplication of network technologies, including 5G, mobile operators need the means to seamlessly update any kind of secure element (SIM cards, embedded SIM, integrated SIM…) after issuance.

IDEMIA OTA Platform ensures the best connectivity, security, and Quality of Service for billions of SIM subscriptions all over the world. This carrier-grade OTA solution provides all SIM management features over 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G, including:

  • Provisioning & activation
  • Remote File Management (RFM) and Remote Application Management (RAM) updates
  • Refresh services
  • Push SMS and HTTP polling
  • Campaign management
  • Multi-tenancy support

As part of this OTA solution, IDEMIA’s Roaming Manager ensures the best attachment experience in visited countries thanks to Automatic PLMNs1 updates, Steering-of-Roaming (SoR) and Multi-IMSI2 services.

IDEMIA OTA platform also allows mobile operators to monitor the Quality of Service on their network in real time and detect device changes.

The 100 OTA platforms deployed by IDEMIA throughout the world are updating millions of SIM cards every day, and reconfiguring thousands of mobile phones every second when they attach abroad. All this is done, remotely, securely and in real time thanks to IDEMIA OTA solutions.

1 The public land mobile network (PLMN) is the area of land covered by a mobile operator for voice and data services to a mobile subscriber using a SIM card.
2 Multiple International mobile subscriber identity (Multi-IMSI) services allow a subscriber to connect to a visited network without roaming costs.

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  • Costs optimization

    The OTA Platform simplifies SIM management and logistics with OTA post-personalization, minimizes card replacement costs by doing OTA corrections, and improves customer care services by avoiding subscribers to return to points of sale.

  • Revenues generation

    The OTA Platform helps generate additional revenue through roaming and by upselling OTA capabilities to affiliates and/or MVNOs. It also allows the deployment of value-added SIM card applications to offer new services on the spot.

  • Customer loyalty

    The OTA Platform helps strengthen subscriber loyalty based on a better knowledge of subscriber devices and usage and by keeping the best connectivity experience. It also ensures that your brand always stays up-to-date on your SIM cards.

  • Over 100

    active OTA platforms deployed around the world

  • 3

    dedicated R&D and support office sites covering all time zones for 24/7 support

OTA Product and Solutions
OTA Product and Solutions
  • Provisioning and activation
  • RFM and RAM updates
  • Refresh services
  • Push SMS and HTTP polling
  • Steering-of-Roaming (SoR) and Multi-IMSI services
  • Campaign management/Multi-tenancy support
  • Monitoring, statistics and reporting tools
  • Over 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G
  • Flexible deployment: on-premises, hosted/SaaS

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