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A network of world-class experts to co-conceive the solutions of tomorrow.

Together with our diverse ecosystem of customers, and industrial and academic partners, we are preparing for the future by staying ahead of evolving security challenges and technological disruptions.

Defining the path to successful and safe application of technologies

Our active participation in industry associations, networks, alliances and standardization bodies allows us to stay at the forefront in our various business fields while driving meaningful innovation across the globe. Each time we define new use cases or contribute to specifications and trial technologies with governmental institutions, other industrial experts, our customers and end-users, we reaffirm our commitment to unlock the world, make it safer.

Contributing to cutting-edge research and training tomorrow’s engineers

IDEMIA’s long-standing partnerships with various academic institutes, universities, scientific institutions, research organizations, and high-tech firms enable us to imagine innovative use cases, advance technologies and accelerate go-to-market strategies. We are very proud to support tomorrow’s engineers in their theses, PhD studies, internships, and education in top-level schools and universities by holding Chairs in some universities, sponsoring summer schools, and taking part in associations committed to improving education and strengthening communities. We value each opportunity to share our knowledge and field expertise, to explore the latest research with students, and to contribute to scientific wealth with papers accepted at major international conferences.

Co-conceiving tomorrow’s solutions through academic and applied research projects

IDEMIA has established partnerships with research labs and collaborates in advanced research projects with academics on a regular basis. We also actively participate in collaborative innovation projects funded by the European Commission, French and German administrations, and several other agencies. With the goal of answering societal or technological challenges, these projects are a fantastic opportunity to imagine relevant innovations in our different activity sectors in collaboration with other industry experts, small and medium enterprises, and academics. Since 2005, IDEMIA has participated in more than 130 projects and directly coordinated 20% of them.

Discover our partners

  • ACI – Airports Council International
    ACI – Airports Council International

    IDEMIA is member of Airports Council International (ACI). ACI represents the collective interests of airports around the world to promote excellence in the aviation industry.

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  • ACN – Alliance for Digital Trust
    ACN – Alliance for Digital Trust

    The Alliance Pour La Confiance Numérique (ACN) represents companies in the digital trust sector, particularly those in cybersecurity and digital identity. IDEMIA is member of ACN.

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  • AFNOR – French Standardization Association
    AFNOR – French Standardization Association

    IDEMIA is member of AFNOR adherent’s club. We actively participate in numerous working groups to support standardization within our industry.

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    IDEMIA is a member of APSCA, the industry organisation for payments and identity in Asia, from secure smart chip-based and contactless applications to the latest digital payments and identity services.

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  • Biometrics Institute
    Biometrics Institute

    The Biometrics Institute promotes the responsible, ethical and effective use of biometrics and biometric analytics in an independent and impartial forum—a mission IDEMIA stands for and actively supports.

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  • Car Connectivity Consortium® (CCC)
    Car Connectivity Consortium® (CCC)

    The Car Connectivity Consortium®, an organization developing universal standards and solutions for smart device-to-vehicle access, pillar of IDEMIA’s digital key platforms and NFC Key Cards offerings.

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  • CEA – Atomic Energy Commission
    CEA – Atomic Energy Commission

    The CEA and IDEMIA collaborate on a number of R&D initiatives with the goal of creating and developing new solutions to accelerate and secure online transactions.

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  • CITeR – Center for Identification Technology Research
    CITeR – Center for Identification Technology Research

    IDEMIA has a research partnership with the Center for Identification Technology Research (CITeR), a NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center, specializing in identity science and biometrics.

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  • CNA – Calypso Networks Association
    CNA – Calypso Networks Association

    The Calypso Networks Association (CNA) is a non-profit organisation fosters collaboration for seamless consumer ticketing solutions in transport and mobility. IDEMIA actively participates in CNA workshops.

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  • EAB – European Association for Biometrics
    EAB – European Association for Biometrics

    IDEMIA is an active member of EAB and we support their mission for the advancement of biometric identity systems that are fair, accessible and secure while respecting privacy.

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  • École Centrale Lyon
    École Centrale Lyon

    IDEMIA and the Ecole Centrale de Lyon have a research partnership on specific research areas.

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    IDEMIA and ENSEA collaborate on various research, educational and diversity initiatives. IDEMIA offers educational courses at ENSEA and also holds a position on board of directors.

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  • ESMIG – European Smart Metering Industry Group
    ESMIG – European Smart Metering Industry Group

    ESMIG advocates for smart energy solutions to enhance energy efficiency and grid management in Europe. IDEMIA participates in standards definition and provides smart metering solutions.

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  • Eurosmart

    Eurosmart is a European trade association in the field of Digital Security and advocates for digital secure interactions. IDEMIA is a senior member and key contributor to various working groups.

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  • GBEF – Government Business Executive  Forum
    GBEF – Government Business Executive Forum

    IDEMIA is a proud member of GBEF, a premier network of government and technology professionals. IDEMIA’s membership focuses on developing lasting business relationships with our government partners.

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  • GICAT – French Land Defense and Security Industry Association
    GICAT – French Land Defense and Security Industry Association

    GICAT represents more than 300 members of the French defence and security industry, covering a wide range of industrial, research, service and consulting activities for military and civilian components.

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  • GSMA

    The GSMA is a non-profit organisation that represents the interests of mobile network operators worldwide. IDEMIA is an active participant to GSMA working groups for eSIM and post-quantum cryptography.

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  • IATA – International Air Transport Association
    IATA – International Air Transport Association

    The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for the world’s airlines, representing 83% of total air traffic. IDEMIA is part of the IATA Strategic Partner Program.

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  • Idiap Research Institute
    Idiap Research Institute

    IDEMIA has a long-time research partnership with Idiap Research Institute in Switzerland on advanced biometrics.

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  • Kantara

    IDEMIA’s digital identity solutions relies on assurance from leaders in the industry like Kantara Initiative, Inc. We are proud to hold a IAL2 Component certification from Kantara related to NIST 800-63-3 Class of Approval under its Identity Assurance Trust Framework.

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  • Meridian International 
    Meridian International 

    IDEMIA works with Meridian International in support of the mission to strengthen engagement between the U.S. and the world to find solutions on shared global challenges.

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  • NFC Forum
    NFC Forum

    The NFC Forum strives for secure and interoperable tap solutions using near-field tech. IDEMIA’s NFC Key Card meets NFC Forum specifications, guaranteeing reliability and seamless vehicle integration.

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  • OSPT Alliance
    OSPT Alliance

    IDEMIA is a member of the OSPT Alliance, a global member-led community dedicated to secure and interoperable mobility solutions for tomorrow’s world.

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  • The Payments Association
    The Payments Association

    The Payments Association is a global payments association that empowers inclusive and innovative payment solutions across the world. IDEMIA is a proud member of this organization.

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  • Security Industry Association 
    Security Industry Association 

    IDEMIA works with SIA to create open industry standards enabling integration; advancing industry professionalism through education and training; and opening global market opportunities through collaboration.

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  • SIA – Secure Identity Alliance
    SIA – Secure Identity Alliance

    SIA is a global non-profit organization with the mission to unify the ecosystem of identity and unlock the full power of identity. IDEMIA is founding member of SIA.

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  • SPA – Smart Payment Association
    SPA – Smart Payment Association

    The Smart Payment Association (SPA) is a non-profit organization that promotes innovation, security, and interoperability in the payment ecosystem. IDEMIA participates in SPA innovation security workshops.

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  • TCA – Trusted Connectivity Alliance
    TCA – Trusted Connectivity Alliance

    The Trusted Connectivity Alliance (TCA) relies on IDEMIA and its members to build trust in a connected future and enable the society to benefit from secure and interoperable connectivity solutions.

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  • Telecom Paris Tech
    Telecom Paris Tech

    IDEMIA and Telecom Paris Tech engage in a Common Lab to pioneer research and innovation. IDEMIA is a contributor to the university’s data science and deep learning chair.

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  • UNIL – University of Lausanne
    UNIL – University of Lausanne

    IDEMIA and Lausanne University have a long-term partnership in the domain of forensic science applications and processes.

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  • UNISS – University of Sassari
    UNISS – University of Sassari

    IDEMIA is a long-time sponsor of the summer school program for advanced studies on biometrics at the University of Sassari and regularly speaks at their events.

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  • WLA – White Label Alliance
    WLA – White Label Alliance

    The White Label Alliance (WLA) is a member-driven association that fosters interoperable payment solutions with a focus on EMV standards, scalability, and market efficiency. IDEMIA is a co-founder.

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  • Women in Identity
    Women in Identity

    We are proud to be a part of Women in Identity (WiD), an organization promoting diversity and inclusion across the identity industry.

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