IDEMIA Partners with Iowa Department of Transportation to Launch Next-Generation Mobile ID Technology

Iowa is the first state in the nation to have statewide acceptance of mobile ID

October 31, 2023 – IDEMIA, the world-leading secure identity solutions provider, in partnership with the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT), has launched the next-generation of mobile ID. Iowa residents can download the Iowa Mobile ID app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and start using it immediately to verify their identity from their mobile phone at TSA PreCheck® checkpoints at both the Des Moines International Airport and Cedar Rapids Municipal Airport, in addition to other participating airports in the country.

This fully interactive identity solution has the capability to be used for identity verification at participating businesses, government agencies, and other organizations both in-person and online. Developed with IDEMIA’s patent portfolio and with principles of privacy by design, end to end security, and interoperability in mind, the Iowa Mobile ID is designed to conform to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard for the mobile driving license (ISO 18013-5). Robust security features provide a high level of assurance, so relying parties of mobile ID can be confident that mobile ID holders are who they say they are.

The state has also integrated IDEMIA’s Mobile ID verification technology (ID Verify SDK) in the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division’s Age to Purchase app, which enables users to scan driver’s licenses with their smartphone. This app allows anyone selling age-restricted products such as alcohol or tobacco to quickly and directly determine the validity of the digital driver’s license and age of the customer using a built-in scanning function. Mobile ID allows Iowans to be in greater control of their information as users approve requests for each transaction before any information is shared.

Iowa is the first state in the nation to roll out a mobile ID with a large number of businesses across the state capable of accepting the ID. I’m so proud of the DOT and the Department of Revenue’s Alcoholic Beverages Division working together on an innovative solution that provides convenience and added security for Iowans as they use their IDs for a variety of purposes.
Kim Reynolds, Governor of Iowa

The mobile ID App registration process contains multi-step verification for security and protection. Users register their device’s phone number, binding the mobile ID to their device and their device only. Next, following our patented methodology, users capture both sides of their state issued physical ID using their smartphone camera and take a selfie that includes liveness detection. This information is verified against what is on file with the system of record, the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT), as the second authentication factor. Once identity is confirmed, registration is complete. The third and final authentication factor is when users select and confirm a personal identification number, stored only on the device. Users can also use other biometrics such as Face ID or fingerprint to access the app. With IOWADOT pushing regular credential updates to the Iowa Mobile ID app, Iowa businesses can have the most-up-to-date status, including if an ID has been revoked or cancelled.

As the world becomes increasingly more technologically advanced, it is vital state governments join the digital transformation journey in order to continue to serve their residents, such as offering a convenient, secure, and trusted mobile identification. With our long-standing partnership, Iowa has been a key player in this transformation since Day 1, leading not only their state, but also other states along this journey.
Michael Hash, Senior Vice President, Civil Identity for IDEMIA Identity and Security North America

Iowa was the first to launch a mobile driver license pilot in the nation using IDEMIA’s technology in 2015 and paved the way for states to step into mobile identification. Now Iowa is the first state to launch IDEMIA’s latest mobile ID platform, which is designed to support the evolution of the ISO 18013 standard and AAMVA mID Implementation guidelines. With mobile ID, users must consent to sharing their information. Verifiers can identify customers while guaranteeing their privacy, as no personal customer information is stored on the device.

Oklahoma, Delaware, Arizona, and Mississippi are additional states that have rolled out IDEMIA’s Mobile ID technology, with more states to launch later this year.

To learn more about Iowa’s Mobile ID, please visit

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