REAL ID Remote Pre-enrollment

Allowing REAL ID applicants to jumpstart their application prior to visiting the DMV

REAL ID Remote Pre-enrollment

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMVs) are looking for ways to reduce foot traffic while finding new ways to improve customer satisfaction. The anticipated surge in driver license enrollments and the requirement for an in-person visit related to the REAL ID Act, along with COVID-19 delays, further challenges DMVs’ ability to provide exceptional service.

IDEMIA REAL ID Remote Pre-enrollment is a secure, digital solution leveraging IDEMIA Mobile ID. It allows applicants for a REAL ID-compliant Driver’s License (DL) or Identification (ID) Card to enter any required data, scan source documents and submit the information directly to the DMV electronically. A brief in-person visit completes the application.

This lets DMVs shift much of their data entry and document verification out of the office, reducing transaction and wait times, preventing data entry errors, and helping eliminate the need for repeat visits due to insufficient or incorrect documentation.

REAL ID Remote Pre-enrollment provides a platform that DMVs can use in the long term to offer additional remote services, including driver’s license renewal and other license or ID card applications.

Streamlined applicant processes

Guided by the intuitive, user-friendly Mobile ID app, customers answer simple questions and scan their documents remotely using their mobile device before they visit their local DMV office to complete their transaction.

Shorter DMV office visits

Pre-enrollment using Mobile ID allows applicants to start their REAL ID application remotely, updating their own data, scanning and submitting their own documents to the DMV, resulting in expedited processing and shorter visits.

Fewer office visits

Remote data entry and document scanning ensure that applicants are providing the right data and documentation, resulting in a reduction or elimination of the need for repeat visits to DMV offices.

Up to 40%
reduction in in-office transaction time
Up to 60%
expected increase in average examiner productivity
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