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By 2020, billions of objects will be connected to mobile networks and end-users will be able to enjoy services such as telematics or infotainment in connected cars, telemetry in smart electricity meters, or personal monitoring with wearable devices. The challenge for connectivity providers, such as mobile operators, is to provide optimized global coverage serving this demand. End-users should also be able to activate the connectivity only for devices being used, benefit from local tariff plans, and use the best available network.

IDEMIA, with its subscription management platform and DAKOTA eUICC, established a turnkey solution allowing mobile operators to remotely allocate subscriptions to connected objects. This comprehensive solution offers the most efficient, secure and transparent technology possible to serve the connectivity needs of mobile operators and to deliver a seamless experience to end-users.


IDEMIA is committed to protect the integrity and confidentiality of mobile operators’ credentials for the remote management of subscription profiles both in the consumer devices and M2M spaces. The solution has obtained a wide range of industry certifications and is compliant with GSMA specifications.


Seamless management of cellular connectivity is one of the cornerstones for the large-scale deployment of IoT applications in many industrial verticals. With IDEMIA, mobile operators can answer their global connectivity needs without any compromise on security.


End-users can enjoy the capabilities of a plethora of connected devices working “out-of-the-box”. The objects are securely and intelligently connected to a mobile network.

We are excited to be expanding our partnership with IDEMIA to secure and activate the consumer devices of the future that will select Sprint as their network of choice. IDEMIA has again demonstrated their leadership in our industry and Sprint values this knowledge and experience as a business partner.

Ryan Sullivan, Vice President, Product Development and Engineering at Sprint
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