Traveler Identity Management Platform

Bringing One ID concept to reality for efficient traveler data management

Traveler Identity Management Platform IDEMIA

Since 2020, aviation is facing a change of paradigm to keep travelers safe at airports and to secure borders. The whole air transport industry needs to integrate new constraints into the travel process to support States in their new mission, the pandemic risk mitigation.

In this particular situation, how can traveler throughput still be increased and their experience optimized? Biometrics and identity management are the main answers to easily identifying travelers throughout their journey with a high level of accuracy.

IDEMIA’s Traveler Identity Management Platform (Traveler IMP) offers efficient traveler data management, including biometric data, for a better and smoother passenger journey without compromising security, nor traveler privacy. Independent, interoperable and scalable, Traveler IMP is easy to connect to current airport touchpoints and to integrate into existing travel IT ecosystems as it follows recommendations for common use interfaces.


The Traveler Identity Management Platform is an independent solution. It guarantees the interconnection with third-party systems and it is compliant with IATA Common Use Web Services (CUWS) standards.

Privacy by design

GDPR compliant, IDEMIA’s solution embeds data protection and easily erases the data after use.


The embedded multi-biometric engine ensures a high level of security and a fast response time.

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