Border security

We unlock new ways for national border control agencies to secure local borders with automated solutions.

Border security is a top priority for governments worldwide as it enables them to protect their country, citizens, residents and third-country visitors. Whether at land, air or sea borders, legal border crossing should happen with ease, while illegal crossings need to be prevented. IDEMIA provides an interoperable, fully scalable suite of products and services that help governments design their border control solution. Our biometric technologies identify with certainty every person crossing the border and help officers quickly determine if a person should be allowed into the country or not. We currently serve more than 30 border control agencies worldwide.

Person-centric border security management

IDEMIA’s border security management systems are no longer based on a document-centric approach, but rather focus on a person-centric approach. Putting the traveler at the center, allows border guards to make decisions based on the complete traveler profile. Crucial to this is the use of biometric technology, which can accurately identify an individual in mere seconds, guaranteeing a high level of security without increasing processing time.

Secure, automated border crossing points

At border crossing points, travelers should feel secure, while experiencing a fast and convenient process. IDEMIA’s walk-through, touchless, at-a-distance and non-intrusive biometric systems permit fast, highly reliable and frictionless identity checks.

For identity checks to be 100% undisputable, the quality of the data captured, the reliability of the equipment and the quality of the algorithms has to be optimal. It is essential for the border security equipment to be adapted to the infrastructure, environment and population (including group and family processing) where it is deployed. In addition to self-service solutions like eGates or kiosks, border guard-attended counters remain necessary. With IDEMIA’s automated border security solutions, border guards can focus on preventing illegitimate border crossings. They can also help bona fide travelers who may need assistance to complete the necessary identity checks.

Anticipate threats and assess risks

Efficient risk assessment requires a precise understanding of travel patterns. In compliance with international and local regulations to protect traveler’s privacy, IDEMIA has designed a comprehensive risk assessment solution with unique analytics capabilities to:

  • Combine data in different formats and from various sources
  • Analyze collected data through trained algorithms and business rules, taking into account the specificities of border control use cases and targets
  • Visualize results and report them in a user-friendly manner to facilitate actions (for instance, flag a suspicious profile)
  • Share analyzed information with other systems and make it available to all border resources

Using our risk assessment solution, border control agencies have all the information they need to verify the identity of travelers quickly, analyze the flow of travelers swiftly and efficiently and thus anticipate any border security risks.

Border security - Products & Services


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