Ensuring seamless IoT connectivity with robust eSIM solutions


Driven by consumers, industry, and a variety of enterprise demands, the number of IoT devices equipped with an eSIM is growing. The eSIM IoT technology brings more flexibility for IoT connectivity and opens up new business opportunities for mobile operators and OEMs.

The eSIM IoT technology can be embedded or removable—depending on the form factor, and it provides additional flexibility over a traditional IoT SIM card. The main advantage is that it is reprogrammable. In other words, unlike a standard IoT SIM, an eSIM can be securely soldered or plugged in a device during manufacturing, and managed via an over-the-air connection to be provisioned at a later point in time.

As mobile operators, device manufacturers, and other IoT stakeholders look to streamline logistics and provide optimized and convenient IoT connectivity, IDEMIA is poised to support these needs by offering interoperable solutions for seamless management—providing greater convenience and choice when connecting devices to the network.

As part of its DAKOTA portfolio of eSIM solutions, IDEMIA provides an eSIM IoT range with a certified hardware and operating system. This range of reprogrammable SIM cards has been specifically designed for IoT connectivityby taking into account the unique security challenges and requirements of the Internet of Things. It not only enables device manufacturers to remotely download subscriptions from mobile operators, but also to apply additional layers of security to connected objects in the field with solutions like IDEMIA’s IoT SAFE—as recommended by the GSMA.

The DAKOTA eSIM IoT range is compatible with high latency NB-IoT and high throughput 5G, along with a wide range of hardware and software applications operating within those networks. It can be deployed in a variety of verticals to equip connected cars as well as consumer and industrial IoT objects. With a global footprint in IoT, IDEMIA is also providing highly secure digital solutions to personalize, configure, and protect connected assets by leveraging eSIM IoT capabilities.

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  • Simplified device management

    IDEMIA’s eSIM IoT range optimizes device distribution and management once deployed in the field.

  • End-to-end security

    The highly secure OS and built-in HW-based cryptography of the DAKOTA eSIM IoT range ensures application data confidentiality.

  • Lasting IoT connectivity

    As MNO profiles can be downloaded OTA and OS updates are supported, device lifetime can be extended and on-site visits eliminated.


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