eSIM management solution for consumer devices

Unleashing the power of eSIM with a carrier-grade eSIM management solution

eSIM management solution for consumer devices IDEMIA

IDEMIA’s eSIM management platform for consumer devices, called Smart Connect Consumer, provides mobile operators with the end-to-end solution to generate, prepare, store and remotely transfer mobile operator eSIM profiles to consumer devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables…). It is made up of two major components: the SM-DP+ (Subscription Manager – Data Preparation), responsible for the management, protection and delivery of eSIM profiles and the DPS (Digital Personalization System), IDEMIA’s Digital Factory for eSIM.

IDEMIA SM-DP+ is compliant with the latest GSMA RSP (Remote SIM Provisioning) specifications for Consumer devices. Connected to the SM-DP+, the DPS comes with unique features allowing real-time eSIM profile adaptation, customization and update, until the last moment before the eSIM profile download. This innovative eSIM management approach helps mobile operators to better manage eSIM profile orders and stocks. It also simplifies integration with their IT systems and provides them with on-demand capability for just-in-time eSIM profile provisioning.

IDEMIA’s eSIM management platforms are hosted on Microsoft Azure Public Cloud. This enables IDEMIA to provide a carrier-grade eSIM manager that supports mobile operator business growth through 4 main benefits:

  • Very high availability: 99.99% to 99.999%, for uninterrupted SM-DP+ service
  • Resilience: geo-redundant architecture, mitigating risks from major disasters
  • Capacity & elasticity: ability to handle significant volumes of eSIM transactions and to dynamically adapt SM-DP+ capacity to peaks of traffic
  • Security: most advanced security certifications and protection systems preventing attacks such as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service).

With Smart Connect Consumer’s game-changing eSIM management features and public cloud hosting, IDEMIA helps mobile operators confidently unleash the power of eSIM technology by:

  • Optimizing back-end processes and significantly simplifying inventory management
  • Offering the best user experience for a frictionless on-boarding process and eSIM activation, for each device, context and use case
  • Being ready to support all consumer eSIM devices in the field, today and tomorrow
  • Enabling multiple eSIM activation methods (Default SM-DP+, GSMA eSIM Discovery, Activation Code, and Group QR code, leveraging a single QR code for on-boarding groups of subscribers)
  • Improving time-to-market and competitiveness

IDEMIA’s eSIM manager provides mobile operators with the following features:

  • Just-in-time eSIM profile provisioning, allowing mobile operators either to order high volumes of eSIM profiles, smaller amounts in a regular basis, or even to put unitary orders on the go.
  • Just-in-time eSIM profile generation:
    • eSIM Profile Customization, improving on-demand profile personalization of any eSIM profile elements and/or metadata prior to the download
    • eSIM Profile Dynamic Adaptation, generating the appropriate eSIM profile format upon detection of the device capability
    • eSIM Profile Reprocessing, updating profiles that have already been generated and provisioned
  • A comprehensive reporting tool, providing a wide range of reports to follow-up eSIM activity and help mobile operators in their decision-making process.

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  • On-demand eSIM profiles

    Thanks to the eSIM manager platform’s ability to dynamically adapt eSIM profiles, mobile operators can optimize their inventory and avoid the multiplication of Stock-Keeping-Units.

  • Always-on eSIM management service

    Certified by the GSMA, IDEMIA’s eSIM management solution is hosted in Microsoft Azure Public Cloud. This ensures high availability, resilience, scalability and security for SM-DP+ and DPS services.

  • Full digital onboarding

    A long-time partner of mobile operators for their digital transformation, IDEMIA helps them combine eSIM technology with online identity verification to offer a streamlined user experience during onboarding.

  • 210

    eSIM management platforms, live or qualified by major MNOs

  • +80%

    sustained yearly growth in eSIM transactions for the past 3 years with our solution

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The new digital customer journey for mobile subscribers

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  • GSMA SAS-SM Certified eSIM management platform, implementing all GSMA specifications from 2.0 and beyond
  • SM-DP+ and DPS hosted in the public cloud through Microsoft Azure, and certified by the GSMA
  • GSMA eSIM consumer specifications

    Smart Connect Consumer is compliant with GSMA RSP Consumer standards and supports advanced use cases, beyond GSMA specs.

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  • GSMA SAS-SM accreditation

    IDEMIA eSIM management solution is hosted in GSMA SAS-SM certified data centers, and is ready to operate on Public Cloud.

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