Optimizing IoT connectivity and security with ruggedized IoT and M2M SIM cards


From smart meters, smart factories, and smart cities, to smart homes and telematics or infotainment in a connected automobile—the many use cases of the Internet of Things (IoT) may require cellular and/or non-cellular connectivity. As a service provider or device maker, having the right type of IoT SIM to connect IoT devices to the network, communicate, and secure data is critical.

These IoT and M2M SIM cards should be optimized for 5G and Low Power Wide Area Networks (LWPAN) and designed to operate in different harsh or remote locations. This allows mobile operators, OEMs, and other service providers to seize the major opportunities fuelled by the growth of the IoT ecosystem, including benefits brought by the deployment of 5G networks providing enhanced speed, massive capacity, and super low latency.

To answer these specific IoT connectivity and security requirements, IDEMIA offers a ruggedized IoT SIM range called DIM (Device Identity Module). These IoT SIM cards are designed for commercial, automotive, and industrial IoT and M2M needs—with multi-form factors that support 4G, NB-IoT, LTE-M, and a full range of 5G-enabling solutions for various IoT deployment projects.

With a long lifespan of up to 10 years or beyond, IDEMIA’s IoT and M2M SIM cards are built to:

  • Resist harsh environments in hard to reach places—such as a smart meter buried underground.
  • Support Low Power networks, and 5G based on 3GPP R14 and above technologies to meet energy saving requirements such as energy-saving ‘suspend and resume’ features.
  • Monitor the life cycle and memory of the SIM in the field with IDEMIA’s Memory Shield features.

Because IoT connectivity goes beyond a network connection, IDEMIA also offers end-to-end IoT security by leveraging the SIM as the “root of trust”—as recommended by GSMA IoT SAFE guidelines, as well as Over-the-Air (OTA) capabilities to update devices anytime from anywhere.

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  • Low power, small footprint

    Ruggedized IoT SIM contributes to extend the lifetime of the device battery and the device itself. It adapts to small IoT connected objects with reduced form factors, optimizing the size of IoT devices.

  • 5G-ready IoT SIM

    IDEMIA’s DIM are future-proof 5G SIM cards. They are compatible with 4G, NB-IoT, LTE-M, and already enable connectivity to new 5G standalone networks (also called 5G SA). On 5G networks they can support IMSI encryption to protect data in an IoT asset.

  • Durability and security

    IDEMIA’s DIM are ruggedized for harsh conditions, and include a lifecycle monitoring system via the Memory Shield indicator features. These IoT SIM cards are optimized with future-proof algorithms like TUAK for secured authentication to networks and are compatible with GSMA IoT SAFE for secure IoT connectivity.

Playlist – IDEMIA DIM Low Power
Playlist – IDEMIA DIM Low Power
  • IoT segments supported: commercial, industrial, automotive
  • Future ready: support 3G/4G, LPWAN and 5G Networks
  • Form factors: 2FF,3FF,4FF, SIMFIT, ID-1, HalfSIM, SMD (MFF2) and custom
  • Temperature resistant: from -40°C to +105°C
  • Industrial-grade for JEDEC qualification

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