Payment cards and products

We unlock a disruptive payment experience with hi-tech payment means created for the most innovative banks and FinTechs.

IDEMIA’s payment card technologies are securing EMV transactions worldwide. We combine the strength of a global leader and the flexibility of a local partner, working both with domestic and global schemes. We are continuously investing in new payment card technologies to provide the highest level of security and make cardholders feel truly unique. We support banks worldwide in their innovations and FinTechs in their scale up, while providing independent payment solutions for domestic networks and closed loop markets.

Ultra-secure and convenient EMV transactions

IDEMIA creates contact and contactless payment cards and other payment means that meet the highest security standards for payments. We address consumers’ needs for incremental security, functionality and convenience, leveraging our unmatched expertise in advanced cryptography, biometrics and smart sensors, as well as our in-house chip design capabilities.

More on our chip design expertise

State of the art payment card technologies

At IDEMIA there is no limit to debit and credit card innovation. We are at the cutting edge of new payment technologies to secure EMV transactions. We have developed the world’s first biometric payment card, F.CODE, allowing customers to authorize payments using their fingerprint. We also develop closed-loop payment means for domestic schemes or large retail brands, and we keep extending payment possibilities with disruptive solutions such as secure offline digital currency payments or secure hardware wallets that enable users to store their cryptocurrencies. Tech-savvy customers will also be thrilled to discover our LED cards that light up on payment and our wearable contactless payment wristbands, keeper for watches, and key rings.

Distinctive debit and credit card innovations

As payment cards are becoming the last physical link between a bank and its customers, we believe our clients should make the most of it using the latest creative trends and top-notch printing, engraving and embossing techniques. At IDEMIA, we provide strong distinctive products like metal cards that reflect a high-end lifestyle, and we contribute to the brand image of our clients and to the truly unique experience they provide to cardholders with excellence in card body design through our extensive Smart Plastics portfolio. We also meet the expectations of environmentally conscious customers with sustainable payment card bodies made of recycled PVC. Numerous innovations that will also appeal to the most disruptive FinTechs.


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