Situational Awareness for public safety

Reducing public security forces’ decision-making loop

Situation Awareness for public safety IDEMIA

The main mission in today’s data-driven world of law enforcement is to prevent incidents, public disorder and crime from happening in the first place. Enhanced video analytics technology allows public safety forces to better manage particularly vulnerable public spaces and infrastructure. However, alerts without actionable, efficient processes behind them remain just noise.

IDEMIA’s Situational Awareness solution combines the most intuitive command and control software solution on the market with IDEMIA’s advanced video analytics platform. The combination of a post-event investigative approach with real-time action enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of incident response. Furthermore, IP sensors can be added to the system, allowing a truly holistic view of the situation.

IDEMIA can support public safety forces in every aspect along the route to intelligence-driven, actionable and efficient incident management:

  • Installation of video analytics software for detection, tracking and identification of individuals, vehicles or suspicious objects
  • Integration of IDEMIA’s Situational Awareness solution to create the most intuitive tactical command and control center on the market
  • Equipment of patrolling officers with mobile biometric technology to enable on-the-spot identity verification

It is possible to plug as many IP sensors as needed into IDEMIA’s Situational Awareness solution or focus on security incident response only.

Boosted efficiency

IDEMIA’s mobile biometric technology enables officers to verify an individual’s identity in a matter of seconds.

Availability and mobility

Police forces have access to all available information while patrolling the streets with mobile technology.

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