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Managing eSIM-device activation flow in real-time

Smart Connect - Hub IDEMIA

For Mobile Network Operators, device manufacturers and consumers, there is no doubting the usefulness of an eSIM: a SIM card that never needs to be removed, that gives MNOs new opportunities for acquiring customers, and frees up precious space inside the device. What can be less appealing for MNOs is actually provisioning an eSIM device. Navigating the complex architecture needed to launch such a device, along with managing the integration of the many different elements of a mobile ecosystem without creating risks for an operator’s B/OSS, are clear challenges.

The Smart Connect – Hub offer by IDEMIA meets those challenges, delivering an end-to-end solution for managing the full lifecycle of the devices – e.g. (de)activation, changing tariff plan, etc. Fully compliant with the GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning architecture, it coordinates the activation and provisioning of eSIM devices across different systems, vendors and networks. Along with corporate and consumer device use cases, the solution can also support eSIM management for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Better still, there is no need for MNOs to update their core systems to support the move to eSIM, as IDEMIA’s solution leverages their existing APIs and business processes to create a simplified provisioning layer. The Smart Connect – Hub solution also integrates seamlessly with the third-party software used in a range of applications such as Connectivity Management1, Entitlement Servers2 and Enterprise Mobility Management3. As a cloud-based platform, the Smart Connect – Hub solution means easy updating to stay compliant with evolving GSMA standards.

1 A platform used to manage and monitor cellular connectivity across a number of devices and networks.
2 A platform used to authorize and provision OEM-specific devices for selected network services such as Voice over LTE, Voice over Wi-Fi, and more.
3 A platform for the management of mobile device assets such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops for enterprise use cases (also referred to as Mobility Device Management).

  • Facilitated operations

    The Smart Connect – Hub solution extracts workflows from the MNO’s systems to provide a simplified provisioning layer.

  • Flexible integration

    IDEMIA’s Smart Connect – Hub solution can integrate seamlessly with a wide range of enterprise software, and manage an equally wide range of devices.

  • Full compliance

    Compliance with GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning standards is guaranteed by the Smart Connect – Hub solution.

Connecting billions of devices seamlessly with eSIM
Connecting billions of devices seamlessly with eSIM

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