Road and city safety

We unlock safer roads and cities with automated driver tests and traffic monitoring systems.

According to the World Health Organization, traffic accidents cost most countries 3% of their gross domestic product¹. Ensuring city safety is both a top priority and a financial burden for governments. With our solutions, governments and local authorities can ensure that drivers are as well trained as possible through automated knowledge testing and driving test tracks. Once they have their driver license, sophisticated traffic monitoring systems help make sure they follow traffic rules to reduce accidents and increase city safety.

Fraud prevention to keep unsafe drivers off the road

In many countries, besides being the key to getting on the road, the driver license is one of the few documents used as a means of secure identification. IDEMIA’s solutions provide the utmost security at the enrollment and personalization stages to ensure the highest level of protection against forgery or any other type of identity theft. Fraud prevention also applies to Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) which might need a multi-jurisdiction screening to pinpoint duplicate identities; this can be achieved by leveraging an existing facial recognition mechanism, for instance, as allowed by local regulations.

Automated knowledge testing and driving test tracks

Governments or local authorities, such as DMVs in the United States, are responsible for ensuring that all recipients of driver licenses are who they claim to be and have completed all the required application tests. We provide them with automated knowledge testing through user-friendly interfaces, which can be deployed on a PC or on kiosks, remotely or on premises. We also help them create automated driving test tracks, backed by the latest video analytics technology to replace paper-based processes and assess drivers’ skills in real time. With a detailed test report generated for all applicants, the process is completely transparent, and the combination of biometric identification with automated tests adds another fraud prevention layer.

Traffic monitoring systems for increased city safety and peaceful roads

The rise in traffic and a higher demand for safer roads necessitate high-performing and flexible traffic monitoring systems suitable for various urban and highway configurations. Our Traffic Law Enforcement System (TLES) solutions are connected and interoperable, which allows our clients to gather data efficiently and to process it with little human intervention. Created to save lives and reduce accidents, the MESTA Series includes simultaneous speed and red-light enforcement, and works under all weather conditions.

Adapting and updating a city’s infrastructure

The way we use public spaces has significantly changed with the development of “soft mobility.” Local authorities have to balance the interests of all forms of transportation to build safer roads and address new challenges, such as the need to reduce carbon emissions. TLES technologies allows them to do this in an informed way, leveraging existing data collection and analysis capabilities to address new city safety challenges.



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