Advanced plastic card bodies

Reflecting end-user identity with advanced payment card design

Advanced plastic card bodies IDEMIA

Payment cards have long been a way for consumers to signal what makes them unique. In fact, payment card design is the single most important factor for 12% of consumers when considering a new card or card renewal*; and upwards of 24% of millennial consumers view their payment card as a status symbol**.
Advanced plastic card bodies are distinctive and a better reflection of one’s true self.

With the Smart Plastics range of advanced payment card bodies, IDEMIA combines excellence in plastic technologies and printing and finishing options with innovative design techniques.

In the wake of the digital transformation, traditional touch points are being reduced, leaving the payment card as arguably the last physical link between a bank and its customers. Banks can make the most of this link with innovative card designs that play a central part in the positioning of their brand and to convey their core values.

By leveraging the latest creative trends and cutting-edge printing techniques, this offer provides banks and FinTechs with innovative features to make cardholders feel truly unique. It allows them to create distinctive and attractive payment card designs that combine eye-catching materials with the latest printing techniques including:

  • colored edges
  • metalized effects
  • 3D effects
  • transparent effects
  • opaque and translucent areas
  • tactile effects
  • debossed effects
  • non-standard card shapes
  • and so much more…

The client can choose a different color for the body and the edge. Several specialized inks can be combined. A varnish brings tactile effects to certain areas or generates depth perception. Smart Plastics enable card issuers to exploit the latest printing techniques and payment card body material to their full potential, creating a payment card that reinforces the bank brand and its positioning.

* Consumers from the US, TSYS
** Millennials from the US, Market Watch

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  • Distinctive brand image

    Stand out by selecting innovative raw materials, original cutting, and design techniques in line with your market segmentations.

  • Stronger customer bond

    Reinforce customer loyalty with advanced payment card bodies that strengthen the values you want to convey.

  • Top of the wallet cards

    Make your card top of the wallet and increase usage to generate revenue.

Smart Plastics: Give your banking card a WOW effect
Smart Plastics: Give your banking card a WOW effect

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