Facilitating airport passengers’ journeys
IDEMIA MorphoPass

As the world globalizes and traveling across borders and continents becomes commonplace, the sheer number of passengers queuing up to cross airport security stations can be overwhelming. IDEMIA’s MorphoPass is the answer. The fully integrated security system puts the human experience back at the center of departure and arrival in airports.

MorphoPass manages the different stages in a passenger‘s journey through an airport, based on biometric identification. It offers enhanced quality of service for travelers at every step making the crossing of checkpoints faster and less intrusive at bag drop, airside access and passport control, as well as at boarding control.

Because of the automation and traceability of all passenger checks, MorphoPass is the ideal solution for airlines, airports, regulators and passengers. It also comprises a central system that manages passenger identification through all the identity checks needed for authentication and identification of the passenger.


The MorphoPass adheres to the security regulations of all major travel authorities around the world.


The quick biometric confirmation of passengers’ identities facilitates the boarding process.

Cost effective

The efficient and fully integrated system reduces operating costs.

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